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100% of funds go to the mission projects and are tax-deductible.  
Thank you for your prayers and support.

Praying the Word Ministries is an affiliate of TMCI,
​TheMissionary Church International.

If I could only use one word to describe what God does through missions,
it would be HOPE.​ Over and over again,
​I witness HOPE
being reborn in the hearts of people!

Praying the Word Ministries

Zimbabwe Missions 2023: The Year of Discovery

** A Special “Thanks and BlessingS” to all who are giving and praying! You are sowing seed into good ground.

Dear Beloved family of Christ,
It’s so blesses me, the part many of you have played in the outreach of Praying the Word Ministries … fellow seed-sowers in the Kingdom. Through your prayers, and your giving, we are touching lives all over the world. 

The place I regularly go to and support monthly is Zimbabwe. I do want you to know also, that we have gone around the world as we have donated  to help in India, Mexico, Liberia, Israel, Mexico, Dominican Republic, as well as the United States… and that’s just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I sow seed as the Holy Spirit brings something or someone to my attention.

FYI: if you have given and designated funds for a specific purpose, the funds always go to that purpose.

In Zimbabwe, we feed many families every month. They are so thankful! And they tell me there are times they don’t know if they would survive without this food distribution each month. We also support the schools that we have helped establish in Zimbabwe. Some of the special projects that come up from time to time: we helped put in several water wells, solar panels at the church and the ministry house. We have participated in helping provide transportation for the school, and also have helped with outreach to women and to the churches in general.

ZIMBABWE MISSIONS 2023! I wanted to let you know my plans for a few reasons: 

1. Advance preparation and covering with your prayers. What lessons and sermons we are to share.

2. With the rising cost of daily living needs for all of us and air travel increasing, it can be challenging to give, and it is a sacrifice. 

3. AND… Something truly special this year, Praying the Word Ministries will sponsor the TMCI women of Africa conference that we’re going to. Due to the extreme economic hardships in Zimbabwe, many were not even going to come. When I asked how much money was needed for the conference, I was told $400. Holy Spirit said do it. So I talked to the leadership there, Juliet Bawa, and asked her if the women would come if they knew that the meeting was sponsored, and all they had to do was bring themself. She told me they would. So please pray that this opens the door for them (that the ladies come and overflow this place) and that God pours himself out in such a marvelous way they know how much they are loved.

As you pray for me and the ministry, please pray for the funds needed for this trip in November; airfare, room and board, funds for special projects. These include the women’s conference, but it also includes the schools and the children. 

We, (myself, Sally Gray, and Natasha Upshaw) leave November 6. Sally and Natasha return November 14. I will be staying till 30 November, visiting different TMCI churches in the area, our schools, and different home groups.

I have a very strong sense that God is going to do some amazing things through our efforts and our prayers. As you give through your prayers and your funds I am asking the Lord to return it to you 30, 60, 100 fold … and more.

Kindly let me know if you will partner with us in prayer. You can give

May God bless you and your family richly. I treasure your care and your prayers. Thank you. 

Love and prayers for you,

Cheryl Coulter