We had such an incredible team. Each person shared a specific message leading to many salvations,
​healings and deliverances. The team members partnered with leaders there as we taught, preached, and prayed for people.

Our team members: Debbie Martinez, Sally Gray, Glenda Vernon, Chris Wilson, Melissa Herring, and myself, Cheryl Coulter.

Reports are still coming in of lives changed. 

Thank you Jesus! Let's do it again!!


If I could only use one word to describe what God does through missions,
it would be HOPE.​ Over and over again,
​I witness HOPE
being reborn in the hearts of people!

Praying the Word Ministries


Dear Co-laborers in Christ, 

Thank you for your prayers and gifts. God did so much through both of these!

We praise God for his presence and blessings. It started when we were leaving the airport in Harare. As soon as we got into the car to head to the church it started to rain, and we had downpours for two days. We had been praying for rain for Zimbabwe (even though it was the dry season) and that God would give us signs and wonders in our time there. It had not rained for ​about 2 months and this was the first sign that God was not just blessing the land with physical rain, but we also saw it as a sign He would pour out a spiritual blessing on the people and meetings we were having.

The Women’s conference and the Men’s conference were powerful.

TMCI Women of Africa was formed and officially launched in Zimbabwe and in Kenya. God is doing a great work on many levels. Meetings were well attended. Praise and worship times were jubilant, and messages were powerful from all. God moved in mighty ways to save, deliver and heal. One woman testified that her life was forever changed by what she learned. Others shared how they had hope renewed and were revived.

You may have already seen some of the report on Facebook, but it is worth repeating on the WATER WELLS: 

We were able to get 3 wells working in 3 locations! Each of these not only blessed those in the specific location but they are sharing with the community around them – an open door into people’s lives!

The Mission House now has its own running water with good pressure, AND we were able to also purchase the geyser to provide hot water! Oh, the blessing of a shower with enough pressure AND hot water! They are overwhelmed and thankful for your giving. Over and over, we heard – “Water is life! Thank you. Tell them we are grateful.”

At the church location we were able to get the well and pump cleaned up that we put in a couple of years ago. Now instead of a trickle, water is flowing strong again. The Admin of the ministry lives out in a remote community. He had dug a well but hit a sandbar they could not get past so water source dried up. Your giving enabled him to get that fixed and now his family, and his neighbors, are being blessed with water they do not have to walk miles to get at 4 AM each day.

All this through the generous giving to our water well project with TMCI members and donors through Praying the Word Ministries. All three wells are open to the community around them and bless them with water.

Some of you also gave to help with food. We were blessed as we distributed food in Zimbabwe. These are a people willing to work and take care of themselves but due to government limitations and controls are not able to. We will continue to send money for food each month.

If you would like to participate you can do so here:

For me, even being there in person, it is hard to comprehend how the basics of life just are not so in that country. They are so grateful for you caring and helping provide water and food, as well as helping their children with Christian education.

Thank you for giving. 
May you be blessed beyond measure! 

Cheryl Coulter (Praying the Word Ministries/TMCI)

100% of funds go to the mission projects and are tax-deductible.  
Thank you for your prayers and support.

Praying the Word Ministries is an affiliate of TMCI,
​TheMissionary Church International.