CHERYL (EATON) COULTER, founder of Praying the Word Ministries

Cheryl is the president and founder of Praying the Word Ministries, based out of Augusta, Georgia. Her passion is encouraging the body of Christ, second only to leading the lost to know Jesus Christ as Savior.

A veteran inspirational speaker and preacher, Cheryl has been sharing the gospel for over 35 years across the USA, as well as internationally.

To inquire about having her speak at an event please send an email to
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NOW is the time to GO (farther) INTO ALL THE WORLD. The Lord is leading me to expand my horizons. Mission trips for this year, include 2 trips to Zimbabwe. I appreciate any help you may decide to give to invest in helping spread the gospel.

Use the MISSION FUND button to give to the Mission trips. Every donation is tax deductible. Yes, the Lord does provide but he uses people to do so. Maybe you will be part of the provision for Missions for PTW.

I am thankful to you for both the prayers and the givers. Blessings!

100% of funds go to the mission projects and are tax-deductible.  
Thank you for your prayers and support.

Praying the Word Ministries is an affiliate of TMCI,
​TheMissionary Church International.

If I could only use one word to describe what God does through missions,
it would be HOPE.​ Over and over again,
​I witness HOPE
being reborn in the hearts of people!

Praying the Word Ministries

DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE... so never give up yours!

As a little girl, all I wanted to be was be a foreign missionary, particularly to Africa. BUT... that is not how LIFE developed, although later in life I have had the privilege of being involved with short-term missions in Russia and Costa Rica. BUT GOD!! In 2014 (50+ years later) I, at last, planted my heart and feet in Africa, Zimbabwe to be exact, the mission field I am called to!!

There is nothing I enjoy, or love, more than teaching the Word, sharing Jesus and helping with the needs of those we go to serve. While I am regularly involved with mission efforts in the USA, I am so thankful the Lord opened this door for foreign missions. Many have been saved, healed and delivered. Lives are touched in many ways. We receive testimonies of hope is revived in the people of God we meet and minister to. Reports continue to come in of the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit that we had the privilege of being a part of. All glory, praise, and honor to Him!

SOW SEED IN THE KINGDOM: The Lord has called me and, yes, the Lord will provide, but He usually does that through people. The Scripture tells us you have not because you ask not… well, I am asking the Lord to provide and asking if you might be part of that provision!

Please remember me in your prayers that I may go as He says GO, and speak what the Father says, speak. And, pray for the team. If you are led to also invest through prayer and finances you may make a secure donation using the link above.

Thank you and may you be blessed above and beyond all you can imagine!
Love and Prayers,