Help Educate, Feed and provide shoes for children in Zimbabwe Africa​

Education Fund
If I could only use one word to describe what God does through missions,
it would be HOPE.​ Over and over again,
​I witness HOPE
being reborn in the hearts of people!

Praying the Word Ministries

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... or several children.
Thank you and God bless you!

HOPe planted in the hearts of children in Zimbabwe.

It is amazing and exciting to be in the midst of this wonderful work of the Lord in Zimbabwe. 

We are a part of, and witness to, the salvation, healing, deliverance and the restoration of hope for a people so dear to the heart of God ( as we all are, truly). However, a flame was ignited in me by the Holy Spirit for the people of Zimbabwe. My prayer is that He will spark that flame in others and you will join me in going into all the world through your prayers, gifts and, for some of you, going with me on mission trips.

When I first went to Zimbabwe I was inundated from children of all ages with this common, or similar, prayer request... Please pray that my parents can continue to send me to school, or Please pray I do well on my exams... but the ones that broke my heart were the MANY that said... please pray that I can learn to read.
The one that sparked the fire in my heart was the 12-13-year-old girl who said, "Please pray that I can learn to read and write English so I can be somebody."
Yes, I told her she already was somebody to Jesus, but I also prayed for her to be able to learn to read and write. It suddenly dawned on me that they couldn't even read the Bible, not in English or their own native language.

This girl cropped up over and over in my thoughts and dreams till I eventually asked the Bawas what we could do to make this happen in these remote, economically challenged areas (as is Zimbabwe in general). What would it take, how could we find a teacher, what would it cost.... 
To the people there the cost was unattainable, but for Americans, it is possible to help in this. Just $20 a month will be a major help.
The first school began in October 2016 at Partson Farm outside of Harare. It began with around 8 children and grew to over 29!

During Covid this location had to close but the one in the city multiplied and now working to open more locations.

We are supporting and helping create Christian schools for children in area communities, as well as in the bush in Zimbabwe, partnering with Immanuel Chapel Ministries in Harare, Zimbabwe
This Education Fund will assist in providing books and materials, LUNCH (the children have trouble concentrating due to hunger) and shoes to protect their feet from the often long walk to school on rough roads and ground.

Funds enable us to provide basic schooling for children  who would get an education no other way, teaching them to read and write in English and Shona, their native language. Other basic skills are also being taught, as well as Bible memorization.

You may choose  to sponsor a child monthly, or give a one-time donation, or help support the teacher. Every dollar counts. Kindly pray for this endeavor and give as the Lord leads.

One-time Donation

100% of funds go to the mission projects and are tax-deductible.  
Thank you for your prayers and support.

Praying the Word Ministries is an affiliate of TMCI,
​TheMissionary Church International.