All travel plans for the first half of the year were cancelled or rescheduled. Our current focus is feeding the hungry in Zimbabwe, a nation starving their people.

MORE INFO HERE!  You can help through prayer and donations. 100% of funds go to the mission and are tax-deductible. PTW covers the cost of sending.

Zimbabwe Report June 2020

If I could only use one word to describe what God does on missions it would be HOPE... over and over again, I witness HOPE being reborn in the hearts of the people!

To those who have invested, given for Zimbabwe THANK YOU. We are making a
difference, but more is needed. The situation worsens politically and affects everyone.

I recently spoke with Bishop Emmanuel Bawa from Zimbabwe, Africa.
As we were sharing about what is going on in our lives, and what God is doing, I asked
questions and a  heart-wrenching scenario unfolded. 

Across every level of people (except high officials in government), severe hunger and
starvation is happening. At a recent government roadblock, a policeman collapsed onto the
​road, weak from hunger. Later that same week a stranger with a child appeared at Immanuel
Chapel Ministries. It is cold there now and both were not clothed for the cold weather. Hungry and shivering from the cold, Bishop Bawa did what he could to help, including giving money out of his own pocket.

Several leaders, those with government type jobs or connections, who are Christians have had their lives threatened, including members of ICM. One recently fired government official we have met and prayed for, is in hiding due to threats and attempted murder on him and his family.

Nelson Chamisa, who ran against the current president of Zimbabwe (the vote count actually showed he won that election), is a pastor and president of the Movement for Democratic Change, has also had MUCH come against him. He remains victorious over all attempts. Keep him in prayer.

BUT God is using the situation and our support to draw people. Many are coming to ICM seeking help who have never been before. Recently on a radio program, the announcer was asked from a call-in if he knew where they could get food. He told them he heard that Immanuel Chapel Ministries in Waterfalls (ICM) was able to help! Our prayer is that this kindness will result in people seeking the God we/they represent!

Please help us help them. These words do not come near expressing appropriately the grief and concern I could hear in Bishop Bawa’s voice for his people, the people of Zimbabwe.

Keep up the prayers, and as you can, please give. 100% of the money goes to ICM/Bishop Bawa. We cover any costs incurred to send.
You can give here – all donations are tax-deductible.

Bless you,
Cheryl Coulter
President, Praying the Word Ministries