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CURRENT PROJECT: Raising funds ($1800) to build a kitchen and toilets for the school.

A veteran inspirational speaker and preacher, Cheryl has been sharing the gospel for over 35 years across the USA, as well as internationally.
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RETURNING TO ZIMBABWE IN NOVEMBER 2017. We will also be in meetings in  Durban, South Africa.

UPDATE: Zimbabwe MIssions: We are so excited! Reaching others, helping in practical as well as spiritual matters!! The first education project (a Christian school for children in the country to learn English and read, among other things) now operational!! We also have been able to help several abandoned babies and "abandoned" mothers with new babies, plus... Be a part of helping some church families establish a business project to support their family. Giving to spread the gospel and being a part of these projects is tax deductible.

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Saka Kufara Saka!!

I have felt deeply that It is the season for me to GO (farther) INTO ALL THE WORLD. The Lord is leading me to expand my horizons. I have several Mission trips planned for this year, which include Zimbabwe (again), New Orleans and Colville, Washington. I appreciate any help you may wish to invest in helping me spread the gospel. Use the MISSION FUND button to give to the Mission trips planned. Every donation is tax deductible. Yes, the Lord does provide but he uses people to do so. Maybe you will be part of the provision for Missions 2016. I am thankful to you for both the prayers and the givers. Blessings!Cheryl Eaton is the president and founder of Praying the Word Ministries, based out of Augusta, Georgia. Her passion is encouraging the body of Christ, second only to leading the lost to know Jesus Christ as Savior.

The First ICM Christian Bush School...see more on Christian School page