You can help and be a part of blessing by giving and praying! Donations are tax deductible.

Orphan and Abandoned Babies Outreach

Thanks for "stopping by"

As a little girl all I wanted to be was a foreign missionary, particularly to Africa. BUT... that is not how LIFE developed, although I have had the privilege of being involved with missions at times, specifically short-term missions in Russia and Costa Rica.

There is nothing I enjoy, or love, more than teaching the Word, sharing Jesus and helping with the needs of those we go to serve. While I am regularly involved with mission efforts in the USA I believe the Lord is now leading me to be involved personally in foreign missions. I am hoping to encounter some people who will donate and invest in what the Lord is doing around the world through my involvement in short-term missions. Hence, I am offering information to you to consider whether you might help me raise funds needed to “go into all the world” for Christ.      

 I went with a team to Zimbabwe in February of 2016. Many were saved, healed and delivered. Lives were touched in many ways. Hope revived in the people of God we met and ministered to. Reports still  come in of the continuing work of the Holy Spirit that we had the   privilege of being a part of. All glory, praise and honor to Him!

In June I will be in Colville, Washington for 10 days, and then returning in November to Zimbabwe for their Annual Women's Conference, and to minister in area churches. . An outreach in New Orleans has not been finalized but is in the works.

SOW SEED IN THE KINGDOM: The Lord has called me and, yes, the Lordwill provide, but He usually does that through people. The Scripture tells us you have not because you ask not… well, I am asking the Lord to provide and asking if you might be part of that provision!

Donations are tax deductible as I have a 501c3 under Praying the Word Ministries. All donations would go into a designated Missions fund and be used for this purpose only.

Kindly consider what part you may have in  investing in the Kingdom by helping me go into the mission field with your prayers and donation.

Truly, as it says in the Bible, you will reap the blessing as much as if you were there.
The cost of the ZIMBABWE trip is about $3000 per person. This includes transportation, and room and board. Colville, Washington will be approximately $1300.00, which includes airfare, housing and most meals.

Please remember me in your prayers that I may go as He says GO, and speak what the Father says, speak. And if you are led to also invest through prayer and finances you may make a secure donation using the link on the left.

Thank you and may you be blessed above and beyond all you can imagine!
Love and Prayers,


Amounts Monthly are the minimum currently being sent. We can certainly use more.

Partson Farm School: Minimum sending - $150.00
Support is needed for teacher salary and supplies, plus special needs fund.

School Lunches; Monthly $65

Help Educate a Child in the Bush School,
ICM Academy, Partson Farm

Just $10.00 a month will enable us to provide the basic books, paper and supplies a child needs.

Annna's Ministry: Minimum monthly sending - $50.00

Outreach to abandoned mother's and abandoned or orphaned babies, as well as to mothers or babies with special needs. This is making an impact on the administrators and workers in the hospital, and to the families ministered to.


DONEWater Well: $4500.00 Glory to God. Thanks to all who helped.

This helps supply water to the community and  various areas the churches are in.

This will provide better hygiene and enable us to better feed  the kids who already are hungry when they arrive.

Transport Van/Bus: $7500.00

Not only will this facilitate getting people to church and crusades, but it will also serve to generate income into the general fund to help in a broad cross sectionof needs.

CURRENT 2017 PROJECT: Raising funds ($1800) to build a kitchen and toilets for the school.

MISSIONS - Go into all the world...

MISSION FUND DONATIONS - all donations into this designated fund will go for that purpose.